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How to Remove the Happili Virus

How to Remove the Happili VirusThe happili virus is basically a different type of the google redirect virus.  When your system is infected with the happili virus your internet searches will randomly be re-directed to sites which have no relevance to what you are searching for.

The happili virus can be used as a door step virus to infect your system with more serious viruses.  It can do this be re directing one of your internet searches to a web site that is infected with a virus and the site will usually force you to download and install a .exe file which will be the virus.  It is very important that when you know you are infected with the happili virus that you remove it from your system as soon as possible as we dont want our systems to be infected by more serious viruses.  This article was written by http://fixfunwebproductsspyware.com  helping to keep your computer safe from viruses

How to Remove the Happili Virus

Reboot your machine in to safe mode.  To enter safe mode press F8 just before the windows logo appears then select safe mode.  When the computer has booted to the desktop click on start > run and type in  regedit  and hit enter.  Now you are in the registry editor perform a search for  happili  and delete any entry’s you might find.

Next open windows explorer and perform a search again for the name  happili  and make sure you delete any files with happili in the file name.

Download and run TDSSKILLER first, after that IF ON A 32BIT SYSTEM run the zero-access removal tool, and then finally fin Superantispyware (Make sure to select complete scan, and have it scan all partitions on the HD)  Make sure you remove all the threats this program will find.  Once the scan had finished reboot your machine then run the scan again

Remove the Happili Virus

Now make sure your anti virus that is installed on your machine is up to date and perform a full scan on your system,  Again make sure you remove all threats that the scan will find.

The last thing to do is visit the microsoft website and download and install the latest service pack for your computer.  Once the service pack is installed reboot your machine and then run windows update and install all the updates it finds for your system

Below is a video I found on youtube about the happili virus

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