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Fun Web Products “My Web Search” Removal Instructions

Fun Web ProductsHi,  Today I managed to remove a virus called funwebproducts from my machine so I thought I would write about what I did here.  The funwebproducts spyware is also known as the My Web Search virus as this is what the program is that the virus installs on your machine.

When you are infected with the Fun Web Products  / My Web Search virus you will notice that most of your internet searches will be re directed to sites that are not related to what you were searching for.
Another way to find out if you are infected is if you have the below search bar in your internet browsers.  The below search bar is the My Web Search bar.

Fun Web Products "My Web Search"

Im sure if you are infected with this virus you will want to get rid of it asap.  So don’t worry keep calm and follow the below guide lines.

  • Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
  • Double click on Add/Remove Programs
  • Find “My Web Search” in the list of installed programs and click on Change/Remove to uninstall it. You may also want to uninstall any of the following items associated with FunWebProducts.

Also look if the following programs are installed on your machine, My Web Search, My Way Speedbar, My Way Speedbar, My Way Speedbar, Search Assistant.  If you do find them make sure you uninstall these programs.  Once that is done reboot your machine.

Now open up windows explorer and search for the following 2 names,  FunWebProducts + MyWebSearch,  If you find any files or folders with these names delete them.

Next download and run SpyBot on your system,  Make sure to update the software after you install it and perform a full scan of your system.  Do the same with a program called Ad-Aware SE

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