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How To Fix A Blue Screen Of Death

The BSOD ( Blue Screen Of Death ) is an error that happens when your computer suffers a stop code sent by your operating system.  This stop code basically tells the operating system that a serious error has happened and it needs to shut down your computer,  So a blue screen of death screen shows and your computer crashes with a screen similar to the one below.


At first when you see the blue screen of death it can seem quite scary,  but don’t worry these screens are quite easy to read and understand what has caused this blue screen of death.

The first thing to look at is the second line of the blue screen of death,  This will tell you what function / part of the operating system has caused the problem.  You should then have a rough idea how to fix the problem.

Next look for the stop code,  It will look something like STOP: 0x00000019  the numbers 0x00000019 tell you exactly what has happened to the kernal / windows operating system.  Take a look on wikipedia as to what exactly this stop code means.

Now you have these 2 bits of information ot should be easy to find a resolution to your blue screen of deaths.

How To Fix A Blue Screen Of Death

If you look up the exact code that caused your crash you should be able to find an exact fix for your issue.  If you have applied the fix and your system is still having issues there are a few general things that you can do which could fix your issue and also prevent this and other BSOD’s from happening again.

Run Windows Updates – By running windows update you are installing the latest fixes for your system from microsoft.  This is always best practice to do. Make sure you install all the service packs and hotfixes which are needed. If your system has a lot of fixes to install this can sometime take 1 – 2 hours, So make sure you plan for this time with out your system.

Install The Latest Device Drivers – Go in to device manager on your machine and try to update every system driver that you can.  The most important devices to update are, Video Cards, Network Cards and Printers as these devices are the most likely to cause blue screen of death issues.

Run a chkdsk – By running a chkdsk it will scan your machine for any file corruption and bad sectors on your disk and will resolve these issues.  To run a chkdsk do the following.

  1. Click to Start.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Type cmd in the box.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. You can now type chkdsk C: /f /r and hit enter
  6. select y and hit enter
  7. reboot your machine and let the chkdsk run
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