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Best free music downloads sites on the internet

Hi,  We all like free stuff don’t we 🙂  Well in this guide I have searched for free music downloads sites and I will list the most popular sites below.  This article was inspired by this article

I have taken a look at many free music downloads sites and below are the ones I believe are the best I looked at

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive dot org is a site where you can directly download music tracks which have been released under  public domain and Creative Commons licenses.

The site also has its own radio station where you can hear the artists music which is available on the site.  So if you hear an artist you like to can easily search and download all their music tracks.


PureVolume is another music discovery website that gives the artists on the site the option of offering free music downloads of their songs.

View the free music downloads at PureVolume by top songs, top downloads, or featured songs and artists.


Apples Itunes have a special free download category where artists upload their tracks and make them available for free.  Sometimes well know artists might make one of their famous tracks available for download for free so be sure to check back often to see what is available.

To get to the free music downloads on iTunes, you’ll need to open iTunes and click on iTunes Store on the left-hand side. Once you’re in the iTunes store, look for the Free on iTunes link under Quick Links on the right-hand side of the store.


PureVolume has a nice easy to use search function which makes searching for artists music so much easier. To find free music you can also browse through there well laid out categories. The site currently has just over 400,000 songs to download and listen to.


BeSonic have just over twelve thousand songs to download,  The site requires you to register but after you have registered you get direct access to download songs or you can stream online if you prefer.

The site also has its own rating chart so you can easily see what is hot and what is not.

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