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print spooler service keeps stopping windows 7

Being able to print a document or pictures in your computer is a very essential task which can sometimes be so complicated when problems arise when using the printer. A lot of people experience the problem of the print spooler always stopping whenever they try to print somthing.This can be so frustrating to many people because every time you try to print a document the print spooler service keeps on stopping windows 7.

There are a couple of instances where you find that not only cant you print but you cannot add any other printer. The error “Windows can’t add printer printer spooler service keeps stopping, Please restart the spooler or restart the machine” is a common error that is usually displayed whenever one tries to print. This can be so annoying. But what is more frustrating is the fact that even after doing what the error tells you to do and restarting the computer the error message still pops up.

Solving the problem can be quite a challenge if one does not know exactly what is happening. One major cause of the problem is having duplicate entries for the same driver in the registry. This is a major problem. Always ensure that someone who is specialised corrects this by deleting duplicate drivers in the registry. Deleting some drivers can really cause allot of harm to your computer so ensure that only a professional does this. To delete the duplicate drivers in the registry perform the following task;Open the command prompt(Ensure that you have Administrator privileges)After the command prompt has opened type in “Net stop spooler”(This action stops the spooler service)After this is done open the registry then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\currentcontrolset\conrol\print\Environments\windowsNTx86\drivers\version-3· Once you finished doing this a registry editor dialogue box appears that shows you all the drivers that are currently installed in your computer. From there you can delete all the duplicate drivers.· After you are through with deleting all the duplicate drivers go to the print key where you are able to see all the printers installed in your computer. Do the same by deleting all the duplicate printers.· Finally open the e command prompt again and type “Net start spooler” which turns on the spooler service.

This procedure works all the time. Alternatively You can try doing the following;· Go the the Start menu and type services.msc in the start search.If the spooler is off turn it on and wait for some time. If it goes off after sometime go to the start menu and type “C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe to start search”.· In the dialogue box that appears click on the security tab>advanced>owner.Finally take control of the file.· Once this is done restart your computer and your good to go.

Being able to print does not have to be a frustrating task due to the print spoiler services keeps on stopping windows 7.Printing is meant to be just a click away, someting fun that even people with limited computer knowledge can do without it being quite a big hussle.These trouble shooting steps are bound to help you a great deal.

The below video shows the printer spooler service stopped on my machine

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