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Print Spooler Service Keeps Stopping

Issue printer spooler service keeps stopping : If you print an document, your computers windows print service always to fail and needs to be restarted. This problem can show if you print a document like a .DOC and .JPEG file. I will advise in this article we will show you actions to take to fix this error

To fix the windows printer service keeps stopping error apply the below advice. The list below is arranged with better fixes at the shown first


First thing you need to action is to update the driver that the pc is using. To update to a newer driver go to the suppliers download site and search the newer software then use the newer driver on your pc then reboot your machine hopefully the issues is resolved

Change another device driver, if your printer is using a laserjet 4200 software try changing to an oldest driver. usually the newer drivers have additional features witch some times cause compatability issues. Configure your system to use an oldest driver. To update to an oldest driver go to the suppliers download site and search the oldest software then use the oldest driver on your pc

search the systems eventvwr. Check in the application and system sections and look for precise pringing event for example “Error 1001” now google to see if there is a special fix for this issue

run windows update. it most likely Microsoft have announced a hotfix for this error we are experienced. It possible windows update can install a Microsoft driver which could resolve our issue

Check that the newest service pack is inserted on the windows

Check your windows short of on disk space? If it is low remove files from the recycle bin

Schedule a chkdsk on your windows it is probable there are some corrupt files on your windows

Schedule a virus scan on your windows. It is probable exist an infection

Did you reboot the windows? If this error has only happened once It is probable a reboot will resolve our issue

Visit Microsoft . com and use there “FixThis” Program

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