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Making a USB Drive Bootable

There are many reasons why you would make a usb drive bootable, Usually because you want to run some sort of recovery tool / program.  In this article I am going to show you how you can make such a tool

You can create a bootable usb thumb drive to use a recovery program and some utility programs. In this articles I will show you how to make such a bootable drive

First thing to check is if your computer is capable of booting to a usb device.  You can search via google, find out what your computer model is or motherboard and search online if your system is compatible

an easy way to make a bootable usb drive

The easiest way to make a bootable usb drive is to use a program called “HP Drive Key Boot Utility” google it and download the program.  Insert your usb drive in to your system and format it via windows with fat32 file system. Then load the “HP Drive Ket Boot Utility” and follow the prompts within the GUI

steps to creating an ms-dos bootable usb drive

To make a bootable usb dos disk google and download a program called unetbootin. Then head over to allbootdisks dot com and download an iso file for the version of dos you wish to use.  You might want to check out other dos versions such as freedos and drdoss.  Now load the unetbootin program and select iso and browse to the iso you downloaded.  Make sure you have selected the correct usb drive and then click on ok

How to create a usb boot disk with many utilities

creating a bootable usb drive with utilities you can create a usb boot disk that contains many very usefull utilities such as virus scanner, recover non booting systems, bios / password tools. You can use hirens boot cd to achieve this.  Google and follow the instructions for “Hirens boot cd on usb”

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