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ati2dvag BSOD Problem

Issue : ati2dvag blue screen keeps occuring on boot up.  The blue screen of death appears on system boot with the error ati2dvag and a blue screen. A stop code is also displayed. This ati2dvag error is usually caused because of a driver issue.  And also when you use a graphic intense application like a video game or a high quality video

Your system blue screens when you go to a website with a flash animation and you get a stop code with the error ati2dvag blue screen of death

Resolution : Make sure you have installed the latest ati software driver on your system. Go to ati website and download and install the newest software driver that is available. When you install the newer driver, be sure to remove the old driver first and restart your computer. Reboot your system, When you restart your computer you will get a prompt to install a display driver just click on cancel. Now install the newer driver

Do you have dual ATI cards installed in your system? If yes take one out and only use one in an effort to identify if one of the ati video cards are faulty

Change the PCI bridge setting. Right click “My Computer” and select Properties , Hardware , Device Manager , Click [+] next to System devices , right-mouse on CPU to AGP Controller , Update Driver. Select Install from a list or specific location , Next , Select Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install , Next , Select PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge , Next , Finish , Restart your pc,

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