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fixing printer spooler issues in windows xp

Issue : You print a document and the print spooler keeps stopping no matter what document you print “PDF, DOC, JPG, and so on” the print spooler service keeps stopping.


1 – First thing to do would be to update the printer driver that you are using on your computer.  Go to the printers website and download and install the latest version of there driver for your system.

2 – Run windows update,  Its probable that microsoft have released a fix for this issue in an update / hotfix.

3 – Make sure the latest service pack is installed on your system

4 – Use a different print driver, if the printer is hp laserjet 4200 try using an older print driver such as a hp laserjet 4000.  The newer driver usually has more features packed in to it which can cause issues,  the older driver is usally a basic / cut down version

5 – Look in the eventvwr on your system, usually you will be able to get an error specific code such as “Error 1001” google this error to see if there is a fix

6 – Is your system low on disk space?  If yes clear some space, empty recycle bin

7 – Run a chkdsk on your system, maybe a file has become corupt

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